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Open Access digital repository
PubMed Central (PMC)
OpCit Project-The Open Citation Project - Reference Linking and Citation Analysis for Open Archives
CERN Document Server (CDS)
The Economics network (RePEc)
BioMed Central
10 HighWire Press Free
11 BBS Prints Interactive Archive
12 Citeseer
13 Cognitive Science
14 archives
15 Public Library of Science
16 Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
17 Internet Public Library
18 Librarians Internet Index
19 Free Full Text - A supplement to every library catalogue on the planet
20 A supplementary site to J-Gate more than 3100+ journals
21 Free_full_text_articles
22 Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journals (peer-reviewed)
23 Open access digital repository covering Research papers in Economics RePEc
24 Peer-reviewed journals covering Bioscience
25 New Zealand Digital Library Collection
26 Third World Collection
27 Government of India Websites
28 Government of Kerala Websites
29 Find Articles.com
30 Wikipedia
31 Scholarpedia
32 Worlds Electronic Journals
33 Free Medical Books
34 556 Medical Books!Medicine%7E!
35 Medical Encyclopedia
36 Encarta Encyclopedia ArticlesEncarta Encyclopedia Articles
37 Social Science Journals- UNESCO
38 Project Gutenberg English Classics
39 US National Library on Medicine - Gateway
40 Biomedical Journals in India
41 Top 20 Medical Sites
42 Free Medical Journals
43 Tribal Health Bulletin
44 hiixsxx